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Joe Biden Becomes Second President to Have Autograph in Mars

by Nwani Chisom
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Newly Elected President of the United States, Joe Biden has become the second president in the history of the United States to have an autograph on Mars.

Mr Biden’s signature comes after that of Ex President, Barack Obama’s on Mars from his days serving as vice president.

Meanwhile, Oyogist.com learnt that US correspondent, Cordelia Lynch, has said that Joe Biden’s victory was attained due to securing the “African-American vote – he got Congressman Jim Clyburn to support him – and that created a groundswell of support”.

She added: “Biden took to the stage and he suddenly looked vibrant, he looked like the heir apparent.”He lead a very strikingly centrist campaign – Joe Biden is a pragmatist, he’s got a history of bipartisanship and arguably, he may have been the only person who could beat Donald Trump.

“Indisputably, this election was lost due to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic – there was a huge shift when it began in March.”But let’s not forget, he still won three million more votes than he did in the 2016 presidential election.” She concluded.

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