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‘Nigeria is Gradually Reaching its Borrowing Limit’ – Governor El Rufai Says

by Nwani Chisom
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Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has said that Nigeria is about to reach its maximum capacity to borrow, Oyogist.com learnt.

The Governor revealed this during his speech at the 22nd Annual Tax Conference, themed “Taxation and Competitiveness: Imperatives for National Development” on Thursday in Lagos.

Governor El-Rufai, spoke on the Nation’s debt ratio, stating that “the 2017 report from the Debt Management Office says that Nigeria recorded a tax remitting ratio of six percent, while total debt percentage of the GDP was placed at 18 percent as at 2019.

“This indicates that Nigeria is almost reaching its maximum capacity to borrow.” he said.

Giving four key points, the Governor attributed those points as guiding principles for achieving development with taxation, even as he warned that the country was approaching the limit of its capacity to borrow.

He said the first principles is “Forming and running an efficient developmental government with strong policies, institutions and executive capacity.

“Second, performance-based budgeting will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the utilisation of government revenues.

“Third, privatising expenditure to intervene in sectors that accelerate national economic growth performance.

“Finally, building autonomous institutions that reduces uncertainties in the taxation process, influences socially responsible choices and compel rational actions. These principles drive an effective tax system to good governance.” Governor El Rufai said.

He, however, pleaded with the Nigerian government to apply the recommended principles and not wait for the shock, as this will enable the government to “start developing our tax extraction capacity immediately.”

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