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“He’s no saint but I have great respect for Tinubu” – Otunba Femi Pedro

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, the former deputy governor of Lagos state, otunba Femi Pedro has come out to support the APC National Chairman Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu amidst accusations from Nigerians that he is involved in the killing of unarmed protesters at Lekki toll gate.

This was made known in a statement made available to oyogist.com, the statement reads:

” I am reluctant to insert myself in this debate on Tinubu because I am an interested party. However, I wish to correct some widely falsehoods. First, many of the assets linked with him actually don’t belong to him”

“I know this for a fact, Second, it is not correct that the state belongs to him whether politically or economically. The state is too big for one person to control wholly. Political power is widely decentralized. I know this for a fact.

“Thirdly, Tinubu has a great asset to we lagosians and SW generally. In 60years of Nationhood he is the only leader who has brought us close to Federal power and empower us to participate in governance at the federal level.”

“Fourth I was his deputy at a most challenging period nd desperate days we brought clomid significant changes to Lagos. Please rewind back to the sorry state of dirty, infested and slum lagos prior to 1999. It was our government that opened up Lekki, built new areas, new roads and bridges, security infrastructure, education etc.”

“Fifth, thanks to him Politics of succession has been more positive for Lagos than other part of the country. I was part of this and though I lost out battled with him and reconciled. I still give him a credit for the way he has handled succession.”

“Let me admit that he’s no saint and might have done things that might be viewed as unethical but as close to him as I am, I have great respect for him.”

“It’s obvious to me that hatred of him by some people is borne out of frustration and envy, while some people genuinely feel it’s immoral and unethical for one person to wield so much in determining who get What in the politics of lagos.”

“I advise to use the information at their disposal to fight him at the ballot box rather hide under guise of protest to unleash mayhem on his perceived properties.”

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