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‘Nigeria will not break up, but some political leaders may not see 2023’ – Apostle Suleiman

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the Founder and Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministry (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleiman has made another controversial prediction concerning the challenges that has been trying to take a better hold of the country lately.

The influential man of God made this revelation in one of his sermon few days ago. According to him, he said this was what God told him that will happen.

In his predictions, he gave warnings concerning many issues the country is currently facing, in areas like:

  1. Nigeria break-up.
  2. Killing of Christians in the North East part of the country.
  3. 2023 leadership tussle.
  4. What any new leader after the current one will do to avoid crisis during his or her time.
  5. Boko Haram Menace.

In his words, he sounded it loud and clear he said “ the Lord told me that Nigeria will not break up, despite the permutations from presidency and other predictions by some others, that Nigeria will break. But the Lord said to me that Nigeria will not break”.

More also, he added that the Lord told him something striking concerning the remedy to the situation on the ground, “Again the Lord told me something very striking, and it’s a parable, he said ‘when number 2 becomes number 1’, then I asked for more clarity, he repeated the same without further clarification ”.


Furthermore, the cleric pointed out that God will surely avenge the blood of the innocent Christians that was killed in the North East part of the country. He said, “God told me that the blood of Christians that was killed in the North East are crying until him for vengeance”.

On the issue of leadership, especially those who are at the corridors of power, building loyalty and preparing for 2023. In his words, the cleric said “the Lord told me that many of these people you see planning for leadership in 2023, will not leave to see it”.

Also, to avoid further crisis in the country when any new government will come into power, the cleric advised that, the new government should focus on seeking God face and putting him first in everything, and should also seek to end violence against Christians.

On the issue of Boko Haram , the cleric said the Lord told him that he will expose the key sponsors of Boko Haram and everyone will be surprise.


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