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Checkout The New Akwa Ibom State Coat Of Arms

by Amadu Victor
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Upon the celebration of 33years of existence as a state after its creation from the old Cross River state by the then Government of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, the Akwa Ibom state government as part of the celebration, unveiled its new symbols of state, which included a coat of arms, anthem and flag, oyogist.com reports.

The flag has three colors of white, green and orange. The coat of arms is designed by Mboutidem Ukpe from Abak local government area. On the coat is a Lion, which signifies courage and authority of the Akwa Ibom people. A Cross, signifying the faith of the state as a Christian state. Elephant tusks as a symbol of the state’s unique traditions and cultural heritage.


Green grass, which stands for the vastness of agricultural cultivation. Shield, to ensure the security and safety of Akwa Ibom State and it’s people. The oil rigs, stands for our rich and abundant mineral resources. The Palm Tree, stands as its God-given vegetation as rich producers of palm oil fruits.

The Manilas and Cowries, represent the trustworthiness in financial management and the woven cord, represents the unity of the state and its tribes. The blue color with the fish and crabs, symbolises its oceans and diversity of aquatic animals.

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