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CAMA: Government should have no business with religion – Prof. Wole Soyinka

by Amadu Victor
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Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has weighed in on the controversial companies and allied matters act, (CAMA law) which gives the government the powers to appoint a board of trustees over a Church and other religious bodies, oyogist.com reports.

Prof. Wole Soyinka who shared his views on Plus politics said the government should have no business with religious bodies.

When asked to give his take on the CAMA law?

The Nobel laureate said, “why is there so much emphasis about the Christian religion, why? there are many religions in this nation. Why are they not talking about mosque as well. I’ll be surprised if the mosques do not also take up issues with CAMA. Because we keep saying as secularists, as absolutely convinced secularist..that theocracies has no business with government.”


“My suggestion, is that the government should have no business with religion. The government cannot say religious bodies should be subject to secular laws..no that’s wrong. Otherwise the religious bodies have a right to say, yes we are just another arm of governance, therefore, we have a right to set up theocracy. So we must reject this kind of mutual intervention.”

He continued, “all the time people talk about Christianity and Islam. Are those the only religion we have in this nation? There is the religion of the ‘Orisha’ which preceded Christianity and Islam. So what about them, what’s all these concentration on foreign religions anyway. I will like to see the government try and change the board of trustees in an ‘Ogun’ setting or a ‘Sango’ setting and see what happens to them there.” he added.

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