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BBNaija: Praise wins the Arena games in the absence of Big brother.

by Jibson
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It was a night of action for the Big Brother Housemates as they all assembled for another night of Betway Arena Games. Since biggie is still on break. The Housemates had to read the instructions for the games before playing.

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The format was an obstacle course with five events which had to be completed in less than two minutes. The Housemate who completed the whole course in the shortest amount of time would be the winner. The five obstacles the Housemates had to complete were:

1.Basketball hoop: The Housemates had to shooti a ball through the hoop to progress.

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2. Hula hustle: The Housemates needed to move one of the two hula hoops forward on to the place they would step in order to progress.

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3. Hopscotch: The Housemates had to follow the pattern laid out by hopping in the relevant hoop.

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4. Backwards penalty: The Housemates had to score a penalty goal by kicking it with their heel while facing backwards.

1598045735 34 screen shot 2020 08 21 at 20.45.49

5. Cone and ball: The final obstacle was a game of matching. Coloured balls had to be placed on a cone with the corresponding colour.

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It was a very brisk start for Praise who obliterated the course as the first competitor. His effort showed that the Betway Arena Games weren’t going to be an easy walk to victory for anyone tonight. Some obsticales were easier than others, but the final obstacle of matching cones to balls got the better of Nengi, Tolanibaj, Lucy, and Erica and they ran out of time while trying to complete it.  

1598046028 34 screenshot 2020 08 21 at 20.11.30

Some Housemates made the short work of the course and managed to finish. Brighto, Laycon, and Prince all recorded rounds that left them with more than 40 seconds on the clock, but their excellent efforts were still not enough. 

Praise’s blistering start to the game sealed him an all-important win in the Arena and handed him bragging rights for the next seven days.  

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