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In spite of pubic outcry, President Buhari still went ahead and sign CAMA into law – Archbishop Daniel

by Amadu Victor
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A member of the national executive committee of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Archbishop John Praise Daniel has said that it was wrong for president Buhari to have assented to the companies and allied matters act (CAMA) despite public outcry on it, oyogist.com reports.

Archbishop Daniel was speaking on TVC News at ten yesterday, when he made those comments. He said that the president should send the CAMA back to the national assembly for review.

When asked if churches would align with the law while that is ongoing since the president has already assented to it?

He said, well, “we [CAN] are not prepared to align ourselves with the law as such, because the law interprets the law. And so, the Christian Association of Nigeria will not hesitate to head to the court, to look at the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, and the very organ to which churches were placed, under the corporate affairs commission.”


He continued, “So we do not believe that the president will go ahead [and sign], if it was brought in his first tenure and the church brought his position and opposed it. It is therefore definitely not right for him to assent when there was a public outcry on it. This government must be ready to listen to the voice of the people, it is not right that this government will go ahead and sign the bill which the people rejected [at first]. So I think the church will go all within the law to resist it.” He added.

The controversial law came to the fore when Bishop Oyedepo of winners chapel kicked against it, saying the law was borne out jealousy, because of the prosperity of the church in Nigeria.

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