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BBNaija: it looks like Lucy and praise are in a relationship.

by Jibson
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There’s something brewing between Praise and Lucy, it has definitely caught the attention of many. The two have been extra close in recent times and this afternoon, they spent time huddled up while preparing for the Task.

It seems Lucy has found the company she craved for since the eviction of her best friend. The Eviction of her close friend left her lonely and in need of company and Praise came to the rescue.

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It might be too early to call this a ship because not everyone even knows what’s going on.

Some are you are even too shocked to comprehend what’s right in front of your eyes.

As usual, every ship must have a name and the question on most lips is what name should be given to this close friendship Praise and Lucy have got going on.

There are still questions and conspiracy theories about what happened between Praise and Ka3na some nights before she left and maybe that’s why a few of you are aggrieved for her.

There’s enough room in Biggie’s House to build romantic alliances and if this is what Praise and Lucy have got going on, we are totally here for it. Where it will end, we have no idea, but it will be fun to watch and watch we shall.

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