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BBNaija: Kiddwaya plan to make everyone eat together didn’t go well.

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Yesterday after Kiddwaya’s magnificent HoH win he chose TolaniBaj to be his deputy, which she gladly accepted. This is not all, Kiddwaya is also the custodian of a big secret in the house which the Housemates do not know, and if he can keep it a secret, he is in for a reward from Biggie.

As his first order of the day, Kiddwaya decided that everyone should eat communally. This didn’t go down well with all of the Housemates. Here’s what happened when he made that announcement.

Kiddwaya explained to the Housemates that when they ate together at the table in their first week in the House, they seemed happier. He told Tolanibaj that everyone should eat as a family, asking her to speak to the girls and he would speak to the guys.

Many of the Housemates mentioned in the Diary Session earlier that they missed Ka3na because she cooked for everyone and now more and more people had to fend for themselves. Kiddwaya wanted to bring the camaraderie back into the House, which resulted in many people waiting beyond their normal eating time for food. 

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Kiddwaya went to talk to praise and laycon about the issue, telling them why he wanted to start this initiative. The guys were not welcoming of the idea at all as both of them were hungry.

Laycon was very vocal, telling Kiddwaya that he could not wait for that one meal. The two told Kiddwaya that they wanted the process to be fair. It was not fair as it stood because there would be people who would cook for their friends.

Kiddwaya tried to explain that during his regime, there would be communal food so that the Housemates could create some kind of solidarity. The fight got heated and in the end, Kiddwaya walked away from Praise who refused to calm down. 

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When the time to dish came, the Housemates entered a state of confusion not knowing who was eating now or who was going to save food for later or tomorrow. During this confusion, it became clear that not everyone would sit at the table and eat together.

Some ate at the table, others ate outside, others did not eat at all. It also turned out there was not enough food of each variety for everyone to get some and some had to make do with what was left.

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