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First FG Now Sanwo-Olu: Oyedepo Tells Sanwo-Olu To Approve Operation Of Churches During Weekdays

by Amadu Victor
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The Nigerian Bishop, David Oyedepo, who is the founder of the Living Faith Church and who recently opposed the Federal government’s implementation of CAMA law in the country and has also called on the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to approve the operation of churches in the state during the week days, oyogist.com reports.

Oyedepo mentioned that it was a strange occurence that the Lagos State Government has refused to approve the opening of churches in the state during the weekdays.

Recall that the state government had ordered and approved the reopening of all worship centres (Churches and Mosques) across the state, to perform worshipping only on Saturdays and Sundays, all with aim of reducing the spread of the Coronavirus in the state.

Thus, reacting to this directive of the state, the Bishop while addressing his followers during worship service at Canaanland in Ogun State, said he wondesrs if the country is still a circular state, with the current state of things.


Adding that since all other states across the country have approved the opening of curves during weekdays and Lagos state should also follow this step and do same.

In his words, the pastor said: “I also heard something very strange last night that Lagos churches open only on Sundays. If I heard well, the markets open every day, public transport opens every day. Is Nigeria still a circular state? Churches in the north open everyday.”

He further explained that he sincerely advises the authority to reconsider the situation, asking if there had been an outbreak since the SSS3 students have been allowed back to school.

He also added that there hasn’t been an outbreak In Kano which had opened it’s churches two months ago and same for Kogi which opened after.

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