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BBNaija: “Without a man, you cannot do anything”- Lucy tells Nengi

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After the Double Eviction Live Show where Eric and Tochi left Biggie’s House, a major fight erupted between Lucy and Nengi. The argument began while Lucy was in the bathroom and eventually over to nearly every corner of the Big Brother Naija House. At one point Lucy told Nengi that “without a man, you cannot do anything,” Nengi fought back, telling Lucy to “shut up your mouth.”

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Vee felt compelled to separate the pair of fighting ladies and Trikytee assisted her by getting Nengi to move into a separate room. This didn’t stop the screaming match and the ladies continued to shout at each other from a distance. The offensive insults continued with Nengi telling Lucy that she’s an “old woman.” Lucy was far from done fighting and replied to Nengi saying “I’m 30 and look better than you!”

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This led Vee to intensify her peacekeeping efforts and try to calm each lady separately, but this didn’t achieve the desired result. The skirmish continued as the ladies moved around the House while hurling insults at each other.

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This led the reigning HoH, and regular Big Brother peacemaker, Ozo to intervene and even his calming words couldn’t soothe the rage streaming from Nengi. Lucy continued to belittle Nengi telling her that “whatever a man says, you say yes.” Nengi refused to take this lying down and shouted “if  she wants to behave like a child, I’ll treat her as one.”

Nothing could calm Nengi down and she persisted with her shouts, to which Lucy replied with equal measures of anger and insults. By the end of the altercation, it was hard to tell who was really at fault even though both Housemates had said some very hurtful statements to each other. The social media commentators had this to say about the argument and it seemed they were as divided as Lucy and Nengi.

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