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BBNaija: Cleaning causing conflicts in the house.

by Jibson
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One would think cleaning a House filled with 18 Housemates would be a lot easier seeing as there are more hands on deck to assist but that isn’t always the case in the Lockdown House. Not that they don’t clean, but there’s so much ado about who does what, where and when they do it and how they are told to do it and because of this, the House sometimes becomes a mess.

Kiddwaya and Deputy HoH Dorathy almost got into it about who swept where, but calm heads prevailed. A brief explanation about why he decided to sweep somewhere else instead of where Dorathy asked was able to ease the tension and he added a bit of chivalry when he collected the broomstick from Dorathy and swept where she earlier suggested. So apparently, there are calmer ways to get the House squeaky clean instead of shouting.

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It appears taking direction isn’t exactly the problem when it comes to cleaning the House. A lot lies in the hands of the Housemates involved and the current Head of House. In getting things done, a few things need to be in place. First, a leader that shows empathy and willing to guide people without necessarily bossing them around. If the Housemates aren’t favourably disposed to the HoH and style of administration, cleaning the House will remain contentious.  Also, the Housemates must be willing to put their egos aside and yield to be led.

Finally, like with all functional administrations, there needs to be a system that works. When you create a system that works with minimal adult supervision, there shouldn’t be much trouble getting the job done. Hopefully, future heads can put in place a good system and the Lockdown Housemates become a lot more cooperative.

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