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Stamp Duty Shouldn’t Be Accrued From Tenant Via Landlord – FIRS

by Amadu Victor
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The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has guaranteed that stamp duty will no longer be taxed in dues from tenants. It additionally stated that it shouldn’t be accrued from tenants via landlords, oyogist.com reports.

Muhammad Nami, The Executive Chairman of the service, explained this as role of the planned stamp duty tranquilizer for tenants.

According to Mr Nami report, “the Service is working in the direction of the stamp duty tranquility bundle in view of the contemporary economic realities occasioned by Coronavirus.

According to a announcement by the provider spokesperson, Abdullahi Ahmad, Mr Nami exclaimed it is unacceptable when taxation is handy for each person to pay.


He, moreover, advised citizens of Nigeria to embody tax payment “as a strong responsibility to our beloved country, Nigeria.”

He additionally stated the FIRS – Federal Inland Revenue Service was conscious that many taxable citizens of Nigeria and businesses in the country have been going via travails levelled on all through Coronavirus. He stated it was for that purpose that the FIRS has always trotted out tax-related palliatives to mitigate them of their tax liabilities considering the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic close down the Nigerian and world economy.

Muhammad Nami pressured that contrary to assertions in some quarters, stamp obligation is certainly not a formation of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari or the present authority of the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

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