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Uebert Angel Blasts Black Lives Matter Protesters

by Amadu Victor
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The famous prophet and International Televangelist, Uebert Angel has once again spoken about the black lives matter issue. The Prophet has been outspoken concerning the issue of Black lives matter movement.

Recently the Prophet took the notch higher when he said ” we even have some stupid members who posted black lives matter, black lives matter, very stupid ones, childish”.

He went on to say “when did you write Christ Matters, when did you write Christian lives matter, when?”

Going on to say “you are a stupid being; i don’t care if i know you or i don’t know you, if you posted about black lives matter you are stupid, mentally disturbed”.

He explained that because people have supported with no sense they won’t understand why he is opposing the movement. He went on to say most Christians are so blinded explaining that the matches that they have joined in the past week were political and had nothing to do with black at the core. He spoke about the black out day, questioning why it’s not called white out.


He aslo outlined about the issue of killings of Christians in Nigeria and Arab nations by mostly Muslims but Christians are not starting a Christian lives matter movement.

Prophet outlined that he of all people people understands what the black people have been through being black as well but his issue was about the movement which has a different agenda.

He said it was important to march to get their views heard but it should end with right demands being met and no destruction of property and violence.

He said “black lives matter, no problem, black lives matter Organization, not made for black people”.

Prophet Angel said that the issue for a Christian should not be about colour but out Christ. Outlining that if the color of your asking is what’s controling you then you are also racist.

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