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Why I Refused to Inaugurate Fourteen House of Assembly Elect – Obaseki

by Amadu Victor
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Governor of Edo state, Mr. Godwin Obaseki through his Special Adviser on Media and Communication Strategies, Mr. Crusoe Osagie on Monday in the state capital opened up on his refusal to inaugurate fourteen members elect in the state house of Assembly.

In an explicit narration of what led to the refusal of the governor in not inaugurating the fourteen members of the state House of Assembly, Crusoe echoed that the members not sworn in had the intention of impeaching the governor which is one of the nocuous agenda of Adams Oshiomole.

“Some people in the house rejected it and elected their own leadership outside the directions of comrade Adams Oshiomole and that got him angry. He called those who are loyal to him out of Benin and camp them in Abuja, put them in hotels, paid because Oshiomole their Godfather instructed them not to. Now he turns back to say that governor Obaseki did not inaugurate members elect come to the house.”

“What is his interest in the leadership and organogram of the house of assembly if not that he has been gunning all along sine Obaseki turned his back on his irresponsible style that is against the people. He has been trying all along to clamp down Obaseki and one of the steps he wanted to use was the Assembly.”


“The only accusations is that they are trying to manipulate the system and he refused to allow them do so because if had, he would to be able to deliver the goods that he pro missed his people so there is no sin as far as I am concerned, just that Oshiomole is trying to play Godfather and we will resist that.”

Defining the All Progressive Congress as a party which has lost its preeminence, Crusoe Osagie said, a party superintended by Oshiomole is not great in any way.

“How do you rate a great party? The party which is superintended by a person like Adams Oshiomole, is the party still great? Oshiomole who has no respect for rules, constitution, laws and others, as long as his interest is not served, he is ready to bring down the roof.”

“If that person continues to superintend over the party the way it is right now, look at the last time when he said the screening committee, the high court, the appeal Court, and he Oshiomole is the Supreme Court.”

“If such person is leading a party, I bet you that as long as such person remains that party cannot be great, I think the least party in Nigeria call it whatever you want to call it will be greater than APC under Adams Oshiomole because he has been irresponsible leader, he has been megalomaniac, he has been perpetual violator of justice and there is no greatness with the party anymore with Oshiomole at the top of it.”

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