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Outrage as Barakat, an Ijab Sister, was allegedly raped and killed in Ibadan

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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While Nigeria still reels from pain caused by the rape and murder of Vera Uwa on the 27th of May, another similar incident has been recorded in Ibadan, OYOGist.com has gathered.

The latest victim, identified simply as Barakat Belo, is an Ijab Sister who covers almost her entire body following the Islamic fashion of modesty for women. She was reportedly in her father’s house when she was raped and killed for refusing to be raped.

This fact, coupled with the fact that she was raped and murdered in the heat of protest for Vera Uwa’s rape and murder has outraged Nigerians.

“Barakat Bello was in her house when some men came to rape her & kill her. This happened in Ibadan yesterday, she’s 18,” Ebuka Rafael tweeted in angst.

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Another user, Kush Toby, took aim at the regular questions many use to normalize rape, “‘Why was she wearing something skimpy?’ *Clown face* Or what’s your excuse this time?”


Barakat Bello’s rape and murder is coming barely a week after Vera Uwa’s rape and senseless murder. The government is still yet to make any reasonable headway on the later’s case, and another incident just took place.

The question begs, how much is the value placed on the life of a woman in Africa’s most populous nation?

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