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Why I Don’t Kiss In Movies – Nollywood Actress, Judy Austin

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that Nollywood actress Judy Austin has her cutoff points the extent that acting goes in close jobs. As indicated by her, kissing profoundly in movies or flaunting her bareness is totally beyond reach. She made the disclosure in an ongoing interview.

She stated, “I’m not going exposed for any amount, and I scarcely kiss in a movie. I won’t do a sort of kissing where the person would stroke my bosoms. I should not go exposed to be a star. I shouldn’t do what my kids or family will see and be embarrassed about. My breaking point is, I don’t do naked and I don’t do over sentimental movies.” Talking further, she additionally opened up on what turns her on or off and in a man.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

“The main thing that turns me off is pride. I loathe glad folks. Mr pride, gloating about what he has and what he can do, they turn me off. However, I am effortlessly turned on by kind and dedicated guys, clever and exceptionally neat. I love simple guys, kind and obstinate folks, not difficult in a dumb way. I love great hearted guys who are devoted to their work,” she disclosed.

Judy Austin is additionally a movie maker and two movies now in particular; ‘Local Girl’ and ‘Dread. She didn’t actually start out as an actress, she was more into music and modelling.

Acting came into her life when Sylvester Madu encouraged her to check out her beauty and attractive features could be an advantage for her in the industry. She gave a try and the rest became is history. She has produced two films.

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