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Client calls out plastic surgeon over botched liposuction

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The client

A disappointed client, a Twitter user with the handle @omohtee12, has cried out after a botched procedure carried out by her surgeon has left her in severe pains without the desired results, OYOgist has learnt.

Omohtee12, as she known on Twitter, went through the plastic surgery in Lagos, Nigeria to get the body of her dreams.

Months later, however, Omohtee12 cried out for help as she has been experiencing discomfort since she went through with the surgery allegedly administered by @Med_contour(Instagram)’s Dr Anu.

In her words, as seen on her twitter account: “Even if I eat 200 times a day, my tummy never protrudes”

“I just wanted a normal waist, I didn’t tell this b***h I wanted to look like shyngle”

“Woke up and my waist is numb, Jesu gbami”.

Omohtee12 has since deleted her twitter page after these outbursts.

The doctor, Dr Anu of Med_Contour has since reacted to Omohtee12’s complaints on her Instagram page saying her client is suffering from “mental illness”.

People are reacting to these complaints, some in favor of Omohtee12, others in favor of Dr. Anu.

We hope Omohtee12 gets the help she needs and feels better.

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