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A COVID-19 patient died in LUTH after lying to doctors about his travel history

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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New reports reaching OYOGist.com reveals that a COVID-19 positive patient, and the first to die of the coronavirus disease in Lagos, concealed his status and travel history when he met doctors.

The patient died of renal failure after becoming positive with Coronavirus without getting treated for the disease.

The family of the said patient was also reportedly aware of the patient’s health status but colluded with him to hide it from doctors who attended to him at the hospital.

The patient was taken to the Accident and Emergency room of the Lagos University Teach Hospital (LUTH) where a junior doctor carried out a test on him and informed a senior doctor.

The deceased, a 55-year old male had recently returned from a trip to Holand where he had a renal transplant done on him. He only revealed his travel history to doctors and admitted his COVID-19 status after the doctor that ran a test on him confronted him with the results, PUNCH reported.


The patient said he was not coughing and neither was he experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus disease since his return.

Reports revealed that the patient was diabetic, had underlying health conditions and recently did a renal transplant while on a medical trip to Holand.

The patient who hid his status from doctors was discovered to have the COVID-19 infection after a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test was carried out on him posthumously.

Doctors go on self-isolation over possible COVID-19 infection

Doctors at the LUTH are now self-isolating, following the possibility that they might have become exposed to the coronavirus from coming into contact with the patient.


The patient, through his act, may have exposed hundreds of Nigerians to coronavirus, as reports said he was placed with several other patients who were not positive to COVID-19.

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