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The End Time Is Near – Daddy Adeboye

by Amadu Victor
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Praise the Lord, The season of the End time is near and we must stand fast and pray to God for a change of heart and purity of his word in our minds. It’s best we stay close to our God in this havoc times.

He buttress a point that all souls are important and precious to God. According to him, if a Christian dies, We’ve Lost a brother and if a Muslim dies we’ve lost a potential brother. Alot of people may not understand this only spirit minded people will understand.

In his prayers, he ask God to show fought his light on Nigeria and expose all the hidden work of darkness. He prayed that God will uproot all those responsible for the killing of the innocent and that everyone sponsoring evil in Nigeria will be uproot.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

Also in line with CAN President directives, all churches in Nigeria should do a prayer walk after services and pray for the peace of Nigeria, of which Pst. E. A. Adeboye will be part of the walk where he worship today.

You will sing your song of victory Today.

I personally think and it’s believed that Muslims are unbelievers so when a Muslim dies without giving he’s or her life to Christ he his tagged a potential brother in the sense that he would have been a brother if he confused Christ before he’s death.

Nobody is a born Evangelist, every true believer of Christ knows he is supposed to win souls for Christ. Please I emplore everyone out there, Get out and evangelise for the Lord and win your crown in eternity. He said

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