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Coronavirus Is A Punishment From God – Rev. Victor

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that a Kenyan pastor popularly known as Githu Victor has come out to say that he prays that God will punish his country with coronavirus. He made this statement on Sunday 15 March during the Sunday service.

The ten year old fiery pastor said that God has spoken to him most Kenyans will be killed by coronavirus if they do not repent of their sinful and wicked ways.

The pastor has become bold and has endeared himself to the heart of the people because of his boldness at speaking the truth and in propagating Gospel regardless of whose horse is gored.

The pastor who had a tough time with his mother who does not want him to become a pastor recounted how he once attempted to commit suicide because his mother was vehemently opposed to it.

He said he was saved by his brother who ran to tell his mom when he tried to commit suicide by hanging but remembered that he has to say goodbye to his brother.


Reverend Githu Victor started preaching the Gospel as early as five years old. He said he was inspired by people calling him pastor as a toddler and that informed his resolve to become a pastor.

He has since become a voice to be listened to in Kenya when it comes to the issue of the Gospel.

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