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Liverpool To Face Risk Of Loosing Premier League Crown

by Amadu Victor
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According to reports reaching OYOGist.com the EPL chiefs are set to have an emergency meeting on Tuesday to decide if the current League season would be cancelled or suspended due to the Coronavirus effects.

Reports around UK also confirmed that if the premier league is Voided the current League leaders Liverpool may face the risk of loosing the championship crown after waiting for 30years.

Though the decision is yet to be taken as major stakeholders want the league to be voided and also to be a no winner emerging season if it should be cancelled.


West ham vice chairman Karen Brady has also warned the EPL to make the decision and also not emerge a champion for the season due to the Virus and also said if they were to crown Liverpool it would be unfair for all other teams that realistically aiming for the champions league and Europa league spot as it would be decided by the current log positions.

At the moment Liverpool fan a furious and they want this decision made on time to know if the have to play for another season to wait for a premier league triumph.

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