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They’ve been Telling us We’re Leaders of Tomorrow, we Are Still Waiting – Falz

by John Asama
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Folarin Falana, Nigeria’s rapper better known as Falz, says the youth have been told they’re leaders of tomorrow even when tomorrow doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

The 29-year-old singer, who is renowned for his satires, disclosed this while speaking with HipTV about his motivation for making what he described as “conscious music”.

He said, as much as music remains a tool for causing thrills, the craft should also be leveraged on by Nigerian artistes towards addressing matters of social importance.

“Music is an entertainment tool but it’ll still medium with which to speak up and inspire posterity. They’ve been telling us we’re leaders of tomorrow since but we’re still waiting for tomorrow,” he said.

“I’m among the new generation and I’m making conscious music. It’s also a channel through which I convey emotions. I could eat amala-ewedu and later decide to sing about it in studio.”

Falz has made headlines for his socially conscious projects including ‘Moral Instruction’ (2019) and ‘This is Nigeria’ (2018) that caused heated criticisms and legal threats.

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“I’ve never claimed I’m faultless. But I feel that we have to develop principles and rejig our morals if we’re going to move forward and get out of the chaos we’re in right now,” he had once said.

“As entertainers, we have a huge voice and platform. If I don’t use that to speak truths, or to attempt steering my people in the right direction, then I feel like I’m doing a disservice.”

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