Home Social Media Tunde trends online after a lady shamed him for sending her a DM

Tunde trends online after a lady shamed him for sending her a DM

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Tunde and Cleo are both trending on Twitter, and the reason will surprise you. Tunde, a Nestle staff, wrote a precise and unusually polite DM, expressing his interest in Cleo. Cleo, in return, decided to shame him to get attention.

The end result of this for the young man, simply named Tunde, is many people now praising him for his unusual straightforwardness and polite DM.

Now, several girls her sliding into his DM to tell him how much they admire him, with some even going as far as asking if he’d love to date them. Talk of hitting the jackpot!

See how people are reacting to her action on Twitter below:


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