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Segun Awosanya (aka Sega) and Twitter influencer come for each other

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Respected Twitter influencer, human rights activist and business person, Segun Awosanya, also known as Sega Link is at loggerheads with another Twitter influencer, and have both accused each other of fraud among other things.

It all started when a follower dropped a comment under a Twitter post that shared an Al Jazeera interview with a military expert and Private Military Contractor, Eeben Barlow, asking for the influencer whose handle is @ChiefOjukwu to share his view on the interview.

Segun Awosanya is famous on Twitter for his instant response to people seeking his assistance towards resolving cases of police brutality and abuses, hence how he popularized the hashtag #EndSars.

Segalink then came into the comments and told the follower he was seeking the opinion of a “fraud” to “whitewash” the “truth” in the interview.

In reacting to this, the influencer, @ChiefOjukwu, replied Sega Link’s statement in a lengthy series of tweets, calling Sega Link a fraud several times in the long thread.

See the tweets below:

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