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Edna Jennifer, a Covenant University student, gives account of why CU students top others

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A Masters’ student of Covenant University, a top private University in Nigeria, based in Cannan Land, Ota, Ogun State has shared a comprehensive account of why the students of the highly respected institution emerge more successful than students of other institutions in the country.

Edna Jennifer was answering a poll question released by influencer and career expert, Ogbeni Dipo on why students of Covenant University

“Why are Covenant University grads doing relatively better than grads from other institutions in Nigeria,” Ogbeni Dipo on Twitter

Read Jennifer’s detailed and thoughtful response to the poll below.

Covenant University INTENTIONALLY sets up her graduates for success after school. How?

1. From the curriculum: entrepreneurship & leadership classes, a course called TTG which teaches what students need to know to excel after graduation from NYSC to CV writing to interviews etc.

2. To the awareness of industry: Town and Gown seminars, announcements during chapel services about great opportunities available for university students, other platforms like the Big10

3. Strategic partnerships with professional bodies and other organizations

4. Goodwill: Covenant University is on the minds and lips of people in the industry for good things. When I went to Egypt for my internship, one of my senior colleagues after hearing I was from CU said “Ah CU! I heard their graduates are exceptional”

Other colleagues also chimed in with their own experiences confirming his statements.

5. The God factor

Like most people have already said CU students don’t have the richest or most influential parents, most don’t. It’s also not luck. It’s intentional effort put in by the school to ensure we succeed. 

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