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2020 Grammy Awards: Suspended CEO, Deborah Dugan talks

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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In August 2019, the Recording Academy, host of the Grammy Awards, haired Deborah Dugan as their CEO. She was the first female CEO, but not anymore.

Deborah Dugan, the first female CEO of the Recording Academy

Dugan was suspended on the 16th of January 2020, just 10 days from the 62nd Grammy Awards show, on allegations of “abuse” and fostering a “toxic work environment” for her colleagues.

Like most American institutions, the Recording Academy is controlled by rich, powerful old white males. A face like Dugan’s at the helms of affairs as the CEO would have toned this notion down at the Recording Academy, the body that owns the Grammy Award Show.

Prior to her presence in the leadership role, the Grammy’s cultivated a reputation for honoring majorly white artists and ignoring artists from minority backgrounds, including women.

With Deborah Dugan there, names like Lizzo, Burna Boy, Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish started cropping up. The Grammy’s was wearing a new image and welcoming change.

Alas, unfortunately, just 10 days to its 62nd annual Awards show, the Dugan was placed on “administrative leave”.

Deborah Dugan, suspended CEO of the Grammys

Among other things, Dugan was accused of bullying by an assistant and seeking a $22million cover-up bribe to stay quiet on things. She denies all allegations and even wrote a 44-page complaint to the qual Employment Opportunity Commission accusing the Academy of trying to retaliate for her effort to expose the organization.

Speaking with CBS News, Ms Dugan made a lot of revelations, including allegations of favoritism, vote-rigging and conflict of interest at the board governing the Grammy Awards nomination process.

Watch the video of Ms Deborah Dugan, the suspended CEO of Recording Academy, the host of Grammy Awards Show, speak with CBS News on her suspension.

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