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NASA releases the 9 potential names for its Mars 2020 rover

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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CNN has reported that NASA, America’s space research and exploration agency, has come out with the list of nine potential names it’ll be giving it’s Mars 2020 rover.

The Mars 2020 rover is an unmanned advanced vehicle that will travel the solid surface of space (and this time Mars) collecting information and materials that can support the evidence of life on space.

In order to find a befitting name for this machine, NASA enlisted the help of American students, “ranging from kindergarten to high school,” to submit potential names for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover.


Over 28,000 potential names were submitted, according to CNN. A panel that consisted of 4,700 volunteer judges “whittled that list down to 155 semifinalists,” CNN reports.

There are now nine names in the finalist and NASA has opened up a poll to the public to allow everyone to vote on which of those nine names NASA should go with.

The NASA poll that allows you to participate in choosing a name for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is located here.

Below are the list of the nine potential NASA Mars 2020 rover names that made it to the finalist:

  • Endurance, (Kindergarten to 4th grade, by Oliver Jacobs of Virginia)
  • Tenacity, (Kindergarten to 4th grade, by Eamon Reilly of Pennsylvania)
  • Promise, (Kindergarten to 4th grade, by Amira Shanshiry of Massachusetts)
  • Perseverance, (5th to 8th grade, by Alexander Mather of Virginia)
  • Vision, (5th to 8th grade, by Hadley Green of Mississippi)
  • Clarity, (5th to 8th grade, by Nora Benitez of California)
  • Ingenuity, (9th to 12th grade, by Vaneeza Rupani of Alabama)
  • Fortitude, (9th to 12th grade, by Anthony Yoon of Oklahoma)
  • Courage, (9th to 12th grade, by Tori Gray of Louisiana)

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