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NFVCB Ban on Sugar Rush: “They are clueless,” Omojuwa

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Blogger and social media commentator, Japhet Omojuwa has criticized the ban of the top hit movie, Sugar Rush, by the NFVCB. He called the ban clueless.

Recall that the movie was suspended from showing in cinemas by the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) last week, January 11, 2020.

#BringBackSugarRush trends as the movie gets banned from cinemas

Japhet Omojuwa, the author of The Digital Wealth Book, has joined several others to condemn the ban on the movie.

Writing on his Facebook page, the influencer called the decision of the body to have the movie removed from cinemas a tragic move for the country.

“Do you know why “treason” is a popular charge in many African countries?” Omojuwa wrote on Facebook.

“The reason isn’t as much about the individuals charged as it is about the general population: when one person is charged for treason – often times for things that have nothing to do with treason – others watch and “learn” not to test the government.

“The Sugar Rush movie ban is tragic for this same reason: you stifle creativity, industry and the needed & necessary culture of reflecting society in its true essence.

“It is not only barbaric, it is a shame on everyone involved that such a harmless representation of society – via fiction more so – was deemed dangerous enough to be banned.

“Then they are even more unreasonable to ban it long after thousands already saw it. They are clueless they can’t even do clueless properly. #bringsugarrushmovieback already! This world has since moved on from this medieval level thinking!”

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