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Kaylen Ward: Bio, Nudes, Charities, Australia, Pics, and Networth

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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In case you’re wondering about who the heroic American who helped raise donations of over a million dollars by sending her nudes to anyone who donated $10 or more to help Australia wildfires, we have you covered.

Age, bio…

Kaylen Ward is a 20-year-old x-rated model and xxx actor who sells her nudes for profit on the x-rated website.

CREDIT: Kaylen Twitter Screenshot (BuzzFeedNews.com)

The adult actress, who now calls herself “THE NAKED PHILANTHROPIST” on Twitter has been into modeling for some time now.

Australia wildfires charity campaign…

Kaylen started a campaign to help save the Australian wildlife after she heard that nearly 500M animals have been killed since the fire started to burn the bushes.

Her campaign quickly went viral, and within days, she reported that she has successfully raised at least $700,000 (seven hundred thousand US dollars) for charities that are helping in the Australia wildfires by sending her nudes to anyone that contributed at least $10 towards any charity.

Her net worth and followers…

Currently, as of today 8 January 2020, Kaylen Ward has over 381k on Twitter. She is not on Instagram because her Instagram account was deactivated.

From various unverified sources, Kaylen Ward is estimated to be worth $3,000,000 (three million US dollars.) Between January 3rd and January 5th 2020, Kaylen Ward singlehandedly raised $700,000 to help charities in the burning Australia bushes.

Country of origin…

Kaylen Ward is an American. She moved from California in 2019 during the fire that burned down many homes. She now lives in Los Angeles with her family.


If this is what you’ve been waiting for, you will not be disappointed as Kaylen Ward has several sensual pictures she shares with her followers, and you’ll see the best of them below.

CREDIT: Kaylen Twitter Screenshot (BuzzFeedNews.com)
CREDIT: Kaylen Twitter Screenshot (BuzzFeedNews.com)
CREDIT: Kaylen Twitter Screenshot (BuzzFeedNews.com)

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