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Cubana Chief Priest vows to report cheating friend to wife

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Co-owner of the Cubana lifestyle clubs, and Lagos big boy, Cubana Chief Priest has vowed to report his friend, a chronic philanderer and unrepentant cheat to the wife.

According to him, the said friend pampers his side chick, while he subjects his wife and children to a sub-par lifestyle.

He further revealed that the wife of the said friend had appeared to him in one of his dreams and chased him with a machete. He said he is not ready to die for the mistake of his friend, hence why he is reporting him to the woman.

“I have a very useless friend, he flies his wife and kids on economy class and flies his side chick on biz class,” Cubana Chief Priest wrote.

“This Christmas, dude kept his family at a low key apartment and kept the side chic at Protea Hotel.

“The fool just got the side chick a iPhone 11 pro max yesterday whereas his wife is using an iPhone 6. The wife was busy chasing me up and down in my dream with a cutlass.

“God knows I am reporting him to the wife this morning with full comprehensive details of the side chick. Make I no die person Iberiberism,” he wrote.


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