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Jackie Chan Rescued From Drowning While Shooting a Movie

by John Asama
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Renowned Hollywood Actor Jackie Chan was recently in a death scare that could have cost him his life.

Chan was filming a scene for his latest movie, Vanguard, out at sea when he nearly drowned.

Fortunately, the actor was able to keep his cool and survive Jackie Chan is one of Hollywood’s most famous action heroes who can also have his audience laughing out loud.

Children as well as grown-ups alike admire him and would have been saddened if he had not been lucky enough to be saved from a recent dangerous situation.

Jackie was working on his latest film, Vanguard, when things took a near-fatal turn. China.org reported that the incident happened while Jackie and the crew were out at sea for the shoot. He became trapped under a rock.

Jackie couldn’t free himself and was facing the possibility of drowning. Fortunately, he managed to stay calm and the crew quickly reacted.

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