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Cardi B and Offset buy new luxury mansion (See videos and location)

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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American rapper couple Cardi B and Offset just made a huge acquisition buying a new luxury mansion.

The couple took a series of video tours of their beautiful mansion in a location that is yet to be disclosed to their fans.

Cardi B on Tuesday, 24th December 2019, the eve of Christmas took her over 50 million followers on a tour of a gigantic luxury mansion that has two large luxury pools.

“We finally closed on our dream house,” an excited Cardi B says before giving he man Offset, hip-hop star and a third of the music group Migos a hug.

“We finally closed on out dream home and this is my second time seeing the house and look how huge, first of all look how huge that is!,” Cardi B said between grins.


Cardi B and her man then went into the foyer, a large living area with a lit Christmas tree. She introduced her real-estate agent to her fans and explained how she and Offset have not been able to agree on a house since two years. When she continued to talk about how excited she was, she got emotional and said “I’m gonna cry… I don’t have eyes for… I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry!”

Obviously, Cardi B is very happy about her and her man’s new mansion and we are quite happy for her as well.

See more videos from her tour of the mansion which she took with her man Offset and her real estate agent.


Cardi B said her phone went off in between recording the tour of the mansion. She share several more IGTV videos of the tour of the mansion.


Cardi however promised her fans that there would be some daytime recording of the mansion on Wednesday, Christmas time.


The royal-style mansion includes several large closets and rooms in the basement that Cardi B will convert into her makeup den and another large area for Offset that is called the man cave where Offset will be spending time with his male friends.


Offset also revealed that the mansion has a very large car garage for his 30 cars.


In a final video, Cardi B told her followers that they’ll be closing early for Christmas.

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