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See as BBN’s Bisola and Tobi Bakre throw shades at each other

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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The ex Big Brother Naija housemates who were both in the season 2 of the reality show together and have moved on into bigger careers in the show-biz industry are currently at each other’s throats on social media.

Bisola went on twitter to share what her experience with a “fine boy actor” whom she spent time with was like. The actress made everyone know she didn’t enjoy the experience as the said actor had a terrible mouth odor.

She tweeted, “Don’t mean this in a bad way, but bad breath should be listed as a safety hazard. Not too long ago I got to hang out with a nice, hot chiseled actor. But mhen his breath was almost taking out my lashes. If you were on a date with someone that had bad breath would you tell them? (sic)”

She didn’t mention anyone by name. But it seems the person her tweet was directed at had caught the sub and instantly went on to Twitter to throw his own back.

In response, Tobi Bakre tweeted the following from his @tobibakre Twitter handle: “What will Adele not see on the other side. (sic)

“Madame is forming woke, subbing on Twitter.

“Not one, not two other actors have complained about your unnecessary yelling on set.

“Imagine person mouth wey dey gbazungengen shouting in your face. The suffer we actors suffer sha.”

While neither of them has mentioned each other by name in their tweets, folks on Twitter are holding it that they are throwing shots at one another and we may want to agree.

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