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UPDATE: Boris Johnson’s Conservative poised to win

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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As many English go to the polls to vote in their party it seems like Boris Johnson’s party is set to win the majority vote.

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As at 2:31:57 am (Local UK/Nigerian time): See update from Bloomberg:

It appears that the approach MPs needed to adopt to win was to accept the referendum result in their constituencies. All the anecdotal evidence is that many voters in Leave-voting Labour constituencies were furious that their wishes had not been enacted.

Bloomberg reports that the EU is happy that there looks like there will be a government in the U.K. with a strong majority, but Europe’s leaders weren’t in the mood to focus too much on Brexit on Thursday night as they gathered for a summit in Brussels. As the poll was revealed at 11 p.m (12/12/19) Brussels time, the 27 leaders paused their meeting and checked their phones in silence, one official close to a prime minister said, “And then they carried on talking about climate.”

Follow the live update from Bloomberg here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/live-blog/2019-11-26/u-k-general-election-results

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