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Interview with Ace Juju Maestro, Yomi Peters

by Ellen
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Hello readers, we have with us today at OYOgist someone who is not new to most of you. While many know him as one of Nigeria’s leading Juju musicians, he’s also the leader of the popular Yomi Peters and his Juju Stereo Band.

Without much ado, let’s dive into our discussion with Yomi Peters.

Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

Yomi Peters is my name. I am a juju musician and I have played with some popular bands. My music career started in 1987 with professor Ola Eto, Shina Peters, Monsuru Akande Fuji, Wale Abiodun, and King Sunny Ade,

What was your Earliest Memory of Music?

What I remember about music in those days is that it was not easy to form a band because you have to know how to play guitar very well and other musical instruments.

Do you have Musically Inclined family member(s)? 

Music has always been in my family even my grandmother sings very well

What were your Parents’ Reaction when You told them you want to become a Musician?

My parents were happy. When they noticed how good I was in all instruments, they helped me start my band

What is the thing that keeps you going to produce tracks and stay a musician during COVID-19?

These Covid times, I just keep on practising and make sure i compose a lot of tracks

What other Hobbies do you have Aside Music?

I love to play ball which I do very well and table tennis too

Are you faced with any challenges in your music career? If yes, what are they?

I have been faced with challenges in my musical career. And I have learnt that challenges are normal, you need to have experience so you can handle whatever you are handed.

What makes Yomi Peters stand out as compared to other musicians?

What makes me stand out is that I can play all instruments perfectly. I also use my talent to help a lot of artists on their albums

Any Words of Encouragement to Upcoming Musicians?

Beginning can be tough but if you keep on working at it, with prayers, God will answer your prayers. Thanks for having me, OYOgist.

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