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Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen bombed rebel camps

by Mustapha Olamide
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The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen bombed rebel camps including within the capital Sanaa on Friday, witnesses and AFP correspondents said, days after the Huthis attacked an oil facility in Saudi Arabia .

Several coalition air strikes targeted Huthi military camps in Sanaa, also because the city of Amran north of the capital, and therefore the western port region of Hodeida, the sources said.

No casualties were immediately confirmed.

“We awakened today to raids and therefore the sound of huge explosions that frightened the entire neighbourhood,” Abdelkarim al-Qudsi, a 41-year-old who lives in Al-Hafa, within the capital’s east, told AFP.

The Iran-backed Huthi rebels said Monday that they struck an oil facility within the Saudi city of Jeddah with a Quds-2 missile, in retaliation for Riyadh’s role at the top of a military coalition that supports the govt in Yemen’s long conflict.

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Saudi Aramco said the strike tore a hole in an oil tank, triggering an explosion and fire.

The Huthi rebels, who control Sanaa and far of the north, are fighting the govt since 2014, and therefore the Saudi-led military coalition intervened within the conflict the subsequent year.

A Huthi official denounced Friday’s raids.

“Saudi Arabia and therefore the United Arab Emirates want to scare us with their air strikes, but we are saying to them that their raids will only increase our strength,” the official told AFP, requesting anonymity.

Saudi Arabia has been targeted with dozens of missile and drone attacks since the beginning of last year, including a devastating strike on Aramco’s facilities within the country’s east which temporarily knocked out half the kingdom’s crude output.

That strike was claimed by the Huthis, but the us said it involved cruise missiles from Iran.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis, mostly civilians, are killed and millions displaced in what the United Nations has called the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

[Source: AFP]

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