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UN Chief, Antonio Guterres calls for humanitarian corridors in Ethiopia

by Mustapha Olamide
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The head of the UN, Antonio Guterres, called Friday for the opening of humanitarian corridors to help civilians trapped in the fight against the Tigray region of Ethiopia, noting that the authorities had so far rejected mediation attempts.

“We are very concerned about things in Ethiopia,” said Secretary General to Reporters in NY, a warning of a “dramatic humanitarian impact”, even in neighboring Sudan.

“We are posing for all respect for international humanitarian law and also for the opening of humanitarian corridors and, therefore, truce that may be necessary for humanitarian aid to be carried out within the areas of conflict,” he said , without specifying where they could make such runners. be located.
“This could be a matter of concern for us, what I hope these appeals are heard,” he said. “I hope this could end soon what Ethiopia is preparing to find the peace you need for its development and, therefore, the well-being of its people.”

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, unleashed a campaign within the Northern Tigray region on November 4 with the declared objective of neglecting his party, who accuses challenging his government and seeking to destabilize it.

It is reported that hundreds of people who possess have been killed and the 30,000 of 30,000 have crossed the border to Sudan, with the planning of the UN for up to 200,000 that flee disturbances over the six months.

Guterres said he had spoken of the crisis with key regional actors, including the First Ministers of Ethiopia, Sudan and South Africa.

“So far, there has been no acceptance of the Ethiopian authorities of any rather external mediation,” he said, when asked why the UN Security Council had not yet fulfilled the problem.

“We continue fully at the disposal of the African Union to support any initiative of the African Union during this respect, and as I said, our main concern now is the dramatic humanitarian impact,” said Guerres.

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