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Some Notable Factors Responsible For Drug Abuse in Nigeria

by Mustapha Olamide
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Drug and alcohol abuse in Nigeria can be traced to time immemorial and the factors responsible haven’t changed very much till this day. As a result the unchanged factors have kept the deathly outcomes of drugs and alcohol abuse a relative problem of the entire populace within the Nation. I have come up with a few factors which are responsible for the recent state of drugs and alcohol abuse among young people in Nigeria.

Ignorance of the menace of drug abuse.

Poor enlightment Majorly, half of the masses doesn’t know about the danger attached to the abuse of drugs, some people drink only for refreshment without knowing the health complications, both legal and illegal drugs are being consumed excessively where the bad side is unknown. If only there is poor exposition to the good and bad side, it would have been a pivot role to have full exposure about what they are consuming.

Illiteracy, an elite who knows all the implications of drug abuse will know how to use it. Cigarette as an example, it is written that the Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young to the illiterate, they never know. Likely, what this means also is that the alcohol is documented that it is to be sold to (18+) Eighteen years and above. The problem is that those that can’t read or write will never understand the meaning of this.

Poor upbringing, a child whom his/her parents never have the time of taking proper care of them will surely not know about the consequence of drug abuse, as a result, the child might go astray for lacking proper home training.

The high level of corruption that leads to the importation of drugs and alcohol. Both the leaders’ and workers are corrupted. Bribery is now obvious among the leaders how can a child of wealthy corrupted worker who works mainly for the sake of their pocket but not the paupers, not the wellbeing of the civilians, they will always do everything in other to get their own happiness but not that of the people, after knowing the health complication but still manage to get the illegal drugs to the user and the legal to the abuser.

Depression as a result of hardship, in the situation whereby lives are damaged because of alcohol, cigarette destroys kidney but the depression of man who has a wife with no work doing, no food to eat, to cater for the family is a problem but can actually get free bottle of beer from friend and get drunk and forgets about his problem but never forget where the problem lies, depression causes a lot of damage, broken homes, and all sort of lose one could undergo. The belief that alcohol quench the third of them boarding over the issue and bad side of them.

The recommendation is to besiege the government of the country to give solutions and masses are ready to comply.

Conclusively, the above explained factors are solemnly responsible for drugs and alcohol abuse but they are the most common. However, these factors need immediate teaching for drug and alcohol abuse to be eradicated in Nigeria to ensure that Nigerian Youths progress, develop and aspire to be bettle people in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.  

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