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UAE companies now rejecting Nigerian applicants

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Geoffrey Onyeama Nigerian foreign affairs minister

Following the negative reputation, Nigeria has sustained over the recent days following the revelation that Instagram’s big boy, Hushpuppi, and his gang defrauded over 1.9 million people.

OYOGist.com gathered that several job listings in the UAE have clearly stated that they do not want Nigerian citizens, even as the openings are clearly advertised towards Africans.

Geoffrey Onyeama Nigerian foreign affairs minister

Some screenshots taken on job listing site, Indeed.ae showed several of the open positions that are usually low-paying menial jobs, stating that Africans “except Nigerians” can apply for them.

Mostly, these openings are usually not marked to indicate that the employers do not accept Nigerians, but often allow Nigerians to apply only to find flimsy reasons to disqualify them. However, the recent negative media Nigeria has acquired have embolden employers to openly discriminate against Nigerian nationals.

The issue has not only affected Nigerians seeking employment overseas, but has also affected students and visa applicants, according to reports.

Of note is the Nigerian scholar that applied to study at SANS Technology Institute in the US who got a rejection letter stating that their Nigerian nationality is specifically why they were rejected.

Another candidate who applied for a UAE tourism visa was rejected, with explanation that citizens from Nigeria are currently not accepted. However, this rejection may be for other reasons different from the negative perception towards Nigerians internationally.

For instance, most countries are not granting visa’s to foreign nationals due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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