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SHOCKING: African Americans top death rates as US Covid19 deaths spike

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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African Americans are recording the highest number of COVID-19 deaths among any race in the USA, as US death tolls reach new highs, OYOGist.com has learned.

The disparity in healthcare among races tops the reasons more blacks are dying from the coronavirus outbreak per capita than any other race in the United States.

US 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders berated the US healthcare system, blaming racial disparity for the high number of COVID-19 deaths among blacks recording in the United States.


One user condemned the US President, Donald Trump’s health policies for leaving out African Americans.

“Trump to African Americans in 2016: Vote for me! What’ve you got to lose? Aparantly their lives as in Chicago 72% of coronavirus deaths are African Americans. They only make up 40% of the population #TrumpLiedPeopleDied,” Jimi Jammin shared on Twitter.

Bernie Sanders, no longer in the mood for electioneering after its obvious he’s losing the Democratic Presidential ticket to Joe Biden, said the healthcare is designed against blacks.

“It is unacceptable that African Americans are getting sick and dying from the coronavirus at such disproportionately high rates,” Sanders Twitter, quoting this NYTimes article.

“We must solve the horrific racial disparities in health that we have in this country,” said Sanders.

Several data published by the magazine showed the alarming rate at which blacks in America are getting infected by the virus and are dying from it.

For example, 43 percent of deaths recorded in Illinois are blacks, who make up less than 15 percent of the population in the state.

blacks in illinois

There are similar reports of COVID-19 deaths among black populations in several other states across the US, such as Michigan (just one-third of positive tests are blacks, yet 40% of deaths are blacks) and Louisiana where 70 percent of the coronavirus deaths are blacks while African Americans only make up a third of the population in that state.


See how people are reacting to the shocking number of blacks dying from coronavirus in America below:


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