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“I Received Instruction From God To Sleep With My Female Members” – Bishop Obinim

by Amadu Victor
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It was reported some months ago that a Church Bishop known as Obinim sleeps with female member on the altar for miracles, but said Bishop, Daniel Obinim has given reason why he does that with his members on the altar.

The Bishop who found and run the International Godsway Church disclosed that he was just fulfilling an instruction given to him by sleeping with his members on the altar as directed by God.

OYOGist.com reports

He believes he has done nothing wrong since it was a directive from God. He reportedly disclosed this to the reporter in an interview he granted after Sunday service, he said:

“I received direct instructions from God to sleep with my female members on the altar before praying for them, for that’s the only way they can receive their healings faster


Bishop Daniel Obinim said he will continue with the act of sleeping with female members on the altar anytime their is directive to do so from God. He claims members receives their healings each time the ritual was conducted.

This act of Bishop Daniel Obinim has sparked up local and international outrage as many considered it as an infringement on the right of the Church members. However, the Bishop claims to have special spiritual powers, magic and extreme Christian practices.

However, with many accusations directed to him for being a bogus preacher. He still remain a notable Bishop that people comes to seeking spiritual healing and direction.

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