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Rare Kenyan white giraffes killed in Hirola Conservation by poachers

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Two rare white giraffes that are on the verge of extinction, both mother and calf of the last three living species of the animal have been killed by poachers in Kenya, OYOGist.com has learned.

Poaching rare animals is the biggest cause of the loss of endangered species in the world. CNN said the giraffes were among the rarest giraffes to walk the planet.

world's last female white giraffe killed in Kenya

Human activities together with climate change continue to remain the leading cause of death for endangered animals.

The two white giraffes that were killed in a Kenya conservation park in Hirola were the last of their kind, which means they have now gone into extinction. Although there are reports of a last male white giraffe, this has not been confirmed or verified by OYOGist.com.

The female white giraffe that was killed together with its calf was first discovered in 2017.

Rangers discovered the carcasses of the female white giraffe and her calf in Garissa County – a village in north-eastern Kenya.


White giraffes appear so because of a rare condition known as leucism that prevents the skin cells from having any pigmentation.

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