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“I own 9 Skyscrapers,” – Floyd Mayweather

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Floyd Mayweather is known around the world for being the richest name in the athletics entertainment industry, just as much as he is known for his lavish and expensive lifestyle.

What many do not know is the strong business acumen the American professional boxing promoter and former pro boxer possesses.

Mayweather, in a video session with American real estate investor and social media entrepreneur, Grant Cardone, revealed that he actually owns nine skyscrapers, and is in the middle of completing the tenth one.


The host of the show, Grant Cardone, quizzed the 43-year-old featherweight champion about his interest in real-estate, and Mayweather confessed to actually owing skyscrapers, revealing that his first-ever investment was into commercial real-estate.

“From the beginning, the first time I invested, my first investment, was in real estate. I went for commercial real estate, huge, skyscrapers actually,” Mayweather said.

“Actually, what I own right now is nine skyscrapers. I’m building my tenth skyscraper right now.”

Watch the video of Floyd Mayweather telling Grant Cardone that he owns 9 skyscrapers below.


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