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(Graphic Video) Child rapist forced to drink from dirty toilet in prison

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A graphic video has surfaced to show when a child rapist was forced to drink from a dirty toilet in HMP Pentonville prison after his co-inmates forced his head into the toilet bowl.

The 21-year old inmate is currently in HMP Pentonville prison while awaiting his sentencing in a month’s time.

Watch the video footage recorded from prison showing other inmates shoving his head into the filthy prison toilet bowl below.

In the clip, the rapist begged the other inmates for mercy but they tore his clothe, forced him to strip and pinned his head into the dirty toilet seat.

As they led the rapist into the bathroom, they yelled at him to take off his clothes. One said, “take off your clothes before I whack you in the head, bro.”

He protested by screaming, “that’s too much.you’re violating me now!”

Most prison inmates are known to torture inmates that are brought in for sexual abuse and similar offenses, especially against a minor.

When people reacted to the video, some of them said they knew his victim and are happy that he is having a hard time in prison.

The young girl he abused was kidnapped and imprisoned in his house for days. During that time, he and two other men sexually abused the underaged girl, forcing her to perform oral sex on them.

He committed the crime in a flat in north London.

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