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See Terry Crews tweet that’s got everyone reacting

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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American Actor and host of the popular talent show, America’s Got Talent, Terry Crews is not one to shy from a few controversies here and there, so far he gets to pass his message across.

This is what he inadvertently did (or Terry, was that on purpose?) when he tried to tell everyone that only his wife got his back, and she’s the only woman he’ll ever try to impress.

Twitterdom wasn’t having it, especially since he had the whole black women rallying behind him when he needed them not long ago.

See what Terry Crews said and how people are reacting to it on Twitter.


“There is only one woman one earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca,” Crews said in his tweet.

“Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. I will let their husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take care of them.”

“Rebecca gives me WINGS”


People are now reacting to this statement to mean that Terry doesn’t care about other women that he’s not in a relationship with, including his mother, daughters and co-workers.

This is coming on the heels of Gabriel Union complaining about her treatment at work.

See their reactions below.


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