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‘I made Speed Darlington’ – Tunde Ednut, Angry Darlington fires back (Video)

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Nigerian Instablogger and controversial artist, Tunde Ednut has claimed, in one of his Instagram posts that he is responsible for Speed Darlington’s success. Infuriated, Speed Darlington has fired back at Tunde Ednut, cursing and swearing.

In the world of star makers and celebrities claiming responsibility for other’s successes and achievements, two controversial people are in each other’s cross-hairs at the moment.

Tunde Ednut, an Instagram blogger who prefers to be called an entertainer, has taken credit for the success of another popular entertainer, Speed Darlington, known for his viral slogan, Irregular Speedometer.

The statement by Tunde Ednut, taking credit for Speed Darlington’s success has hit the US-based Nigerian musician the wrong way, coming on live video to rebuff the blogger for his statement.

“Tunde Ednut, thunder fire you!” a very angry Speed Darlington screams over his screen. Many of the words used by Speed Darlington are quite unprintable, but I’ll let you watch the video at your own discretion.

Watch the video for Speed Darlington’s response to Tunde Ednut saying he made Speed Darlington who he is.

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