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VISIONAVTR: Mercedes Benz premieres Avatar Car, and it’s not what you’d imagine

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Mercedes Benz is one of the world’s best concept car inventors, with dozens of concept cars in their catalogue.

The Mercedes Benz VISIONAVTR Concept Car

To mark of the year 2020, Mercedes Benz unveiled an Avatar-themed concept car with functional scales for breaking functions at the CES 2020.


The concept car, named Vision Avatar, or VISIONAVTR, is a futuristic car with a minimalist impression and a fully a automated ability.

From the doors that self-lifts to the control panel and clusters that immerses the driver in a 5D-like alternate reality that mimics the movie, Avatar, the car is an extension of the driver. Or more, a character or your own personalized Avatar from the movie.

Like Orchestra, the scales move to satisfy the command of the driver

With external functioning scales for breaking and bending assistance, and a pad for its steering functions, we’re not yet ready for a vehicle like this.

The scales on the back acts for both breaking and turning

At a mere glance, this is another electric car with futuristic appeal and self-driving ability. But Mercedes Benz’s Chief Designer, Gorden Wagener says the purpose of the car is to be like an animal merged in machine.

The Concept Car is designed to become one with the driver

Describing the idea behind the tire design to Supercar Blondie, Wagener says, “we wanted it to be like an animal part and not like a typical tire that leaves marks, something more sensual.

“So we got inspired by this flying jellyfishes from the movie and incorporated light in here and that’s different…”

The car takes inspiration from several animals, from sea animals with the installation of scales numbering 33 in total, to the glowing tires that takes inspiration from the jellyfishes (known as the seeds of the Tree of Souls in the 2009 Avatar movie) and the entire shape of the car itself designed to mimic a reptile, such that it can drive diagonally.

The absence of a steering wheel is compensated for through biometric connection that senses the driver through their heartbeat and breath pace. A palm is placed on a pod that rises up as the driver comes in.


Overall, this is a concept car that flips the idea of automation and human-machine relationship on its head.

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