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Australia fire: watch as a woman saved a wild Koala from fire

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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As the bushfire continues to ravage most of Australia, burning through its wildlife and making millions homeless, the beasts of the wildlife suffer the most. As of today, some findings has placed the number of wild animals killed in the Australia fire at over 500,000.

Six people have been killed in the bushfire, while 20,000 homes have been destroyed. The fire itself has caused Australia to emit 2/3 of the annual global carbon emission limit set for every nation.

Firefighters attend to burning bushes (c) Times

As the bushes continue to burn and Australia witnesses record heat levels, the call for action on climate change intensifies. But amidst that, the people of Australia could rely on the positivity of kind-hearted people as a woman is seen braving the heat of the fire to save a dying koala bear.

Watch the video of a woman saving a Koala bear from a burning fire in Australia, she gives it water to drink before carrying it.


The woman fed the animal water and took it to a koala hospital to be treated of burns and injuries.

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